Forget the werewolf you saw on television. That was a Hollywood invention. This story is far more interesting. Werewolves are strong willed and loyal to the pack and blood relations. Between full moons they live among humans, hiding in plain sight. You may know one without realizing it. Werewolves blend in and live, raise families and belong to the same clubs as their human friends. But they are not completely human, at least, not all the time.

All werewolves have a rendezvous with the full moon that must be kept. Pack oriented, violent, aggressive and territorial, werewolves thrive on their true nature and would not go back to being human if given a choice. Wolf and human issues carry over to the other form in unpredictable ways. An extended lifespan, increased strength and intuitive paranormal abilities keep things interesting. More often than not they are killed by our own kind.


Between Moons_BradleyBaker_MediumAfter years of existing under his father’s rule, a young male strikes out and takes over an established pack. He vows to set aside the old ways that tore his father’s pack apart. He would end killing male children that were not of his blood and driving capable young males from the pack and subjecting the females to slave-like conditions. He has supporters but the old guard is furious.  He faces internal challenges, rogue bachelors after the females and children, violent adjacent packs and human werewolf hunters. Members of the pack are loyal but males are competitive to the death over the right to lead and access to the pack’s bitches. The females, close as sisters, are not to be trifled with. Cross one and you cross them all in wolf or human form. These are dangerous, jealous bitches, keenly aware of their position in the pack’s hierarchy and each with her own agenda.


Fully engaged, the new Alpha leads his pack against long odds while a select few bide their time and take measure waiting for an opportunity to eliminate him and his supporters. Pack issues are set aside when rogue males intrude on their established range. Territorial claims and settling old scores with adjacent packs turn violent. Human hunters backed by wealthy patrons see exterminating werewolves as a calling return for more. Hunters, rogues and rival packs are more prevalent than allies. The hunted becomes the hunter and the hunted again between moons.