Between Moons


Present day, rural England. Unknown to the general public, werewolves actually exist. Jex is the Alpha male of the pack west of London. He was born a werewolf and first transformed during his teens and was accepted by the local pack where his father was the Alpha Male.

Werewolves are more evolved than how Hollywood has typically portrayed them. Werewolves are two creatures, each very aware of the other that share the same body. They have interesting paranormal abilities and influences from their wolf self cross over into their human lives. Their transformation into wolf form is significant but these creatures spend the vast majority of their time in human form.

Aspects of werewolves human and wolf lives influence them in the other form. Wolf influences acting on them in human form create a strong element of pack dynamics and a hierarchy where the Alpha male and the dominant female lead and others follow. Individual and group interactions are much like a real wolf pack. Werewolves exist in the modern human world. Maintaining a low profile is essential to their survival.

Jex’s father disappears, an older male takes over the pack. Jex leaves and defeats the Alpha male of a nearby pack near his former pack’s range. As the new Alpha male Jex has to deal with the pack’s inner turmoil as other males challenge him and females jockey for position in the hierarchy. The females jointly raise their offspring and spend their time together when not in the company of the Alpha male. The females are all fiercely loyal to the Alpha male and tolerate no nonsense from subordinate males in the pack. The dominant female and her close companions run the day to day business and only they know the inner workings of the pack.

Werewolves have to deal with rival packs. A few uneasy alliances exist but none of the packs trust each other. Most packs view others as competition and some are known enemies. Most werewolves are killed by their own kind and usually in human form. Werewolves are violent, aggressive and extremely territorial and do not tolerate incursions into each other’s respective ranges. Interlopers in another pack’s range are generally killed on sight, even in human form.

Jex’s pack has to contend with human werewolf hunters. These are a select group of humans who know the werewolves exist and see exterminating them as a calling. They watch for indications of werewolves and descend on that area. They are dedicated and dangerous and kill anyone they suspect of being a werewolf. They are frequently wrong and kill innocent people because they are using incomplete and incorrect information. Occasionally they corner a werewolf in either form and kill them. The hunters have become more aggressive and Jex changes strategy in dealing with them and this becomes a no holds barred conflict in and around London.

As the conflict unfolds the pack is mindful of all werewolf’s greatest fear which being exposed to the general public and having them clamor for action. Werewolves cannot be captured alive by the government, werewolf hunters or another pack. An easy end would be a blessing but that is never forthcoming.

Running the pack is the Jex primary responsibility. Strong female characters are prevalent throughout. The story in intended for entertainment only.

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